The UPS Store - Storage Packing Guidelines



  • Adequately tape the Tops and Bottoms of ALL Boxes. To properly tape a box, flip the unsealed box on its head and bring one set of opposite flaps together, followed by the other set. Apply tape so that it binds tightly and flush along the seam. Next, apply tape to each side seam to cover the seam and reinforce the corners. Repeat as needed for extra strength. After the box has been filled with storage items, repeat this same method to seal the top of the box. Do NOT fold over flaps in spiral-fashion. If you are not sure how to properly construct your box, one of our associates will gladly show you.
  • ALL "Fragile" Items must be boxed; including, but not limited to, i.e. TV’s, Computer Monitors, and unboxed Guitars or Keyboards. For an additional fee, we can provide packing and boxing service for you if you are unsure how to safely pack fragile items.

    • Protect your "Fragile" items! Make sure your Breakables have plenty of padding; ALL "Fragile" items should have at least 3 inches of padding on all sides.
    • ALL Electronics should be in original packaging. If you do not have original packaging, make sure you have at least 3 inches of bubble wrap on each side.
  • ALL unboxed storage items containing Doors, Drawers, loose Cords, or exposed Fabric must be wrapped with Stretch Wrap; including, but not limited to, i.e. Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Dressers, Bookshelves, Plastic Storage Drawers and Totes, Couches, Rugs, Pillows and/or stuffed animal Dolls, etc.

    • Stretch Wrap protects storage items (NOT in a box) from dust, moisture, insects and/or other pests, and improves structural support for your storage items.
    • Stretch Wrap is readily available for purchase at any On-Campus and store location, and can save you a lot of money! But if you would prefer us wrap your items for you, we are happy to stretch wrap any item(s) for $10/per item.
    • Refusal of this requirement could affect your claim. Premier College Storage (The UPS Store) is NOT liable for any loss of missing contents, dirtiness, scuffs, dings, or other damage directly resulting from the refusal our Stretch Wrapping requirement.
  • ALL Refrigerators must be Defrosted, Dry, and Empty prior to storage pickup. If fridges leak or are filled with other storage items, additional fees will apply. Additionally, Premier College Storage (The UPS Store) is NOT liable for loss or ruin due to mold (or any other water-related damage resulting from a failure to defrost and dry a fridge) not caused by unforeseeable external factors.
  • All Mattresses and Box Springs must be bagged. Mattress bags are available for purchase at any our store locations listed below.
  • ALL Boxes must close completely and without excessive bulging. Additionally, any items not suitably packed for storage may be refused at the discretion of The UPS Store. 

  • Items "Not-Intended-For-Transport" must be Disassembled prior to storage pickup; i.e. including, but not limited to, Particle-board and Pressed-Wood furniture [IKEA].

    • **NOTICE** Because of the breakable nature of such items, Premier College Storage (The UPS Store) is NOT liable for damages to items NOT-Disassembled prior to storage pickup.  
  • ALL Desks and Dressers must be Empty prior to storage pickup. If drawers are filled, additional fees will apply.
  • [ITEM DAMAGE and CLAIMS PROCESS] Should you find damage to your items, you must save the box and all packing materials and notify us within 14 days of your delivery. In addition, you will need to provide proof of the item(s) value or repair cost(s).


SUGGESTIONS - Help Us Help You!


  • Write your NAME and TELEPHONE NUMBER on the Outside of EACH Box with a Black Sharpie. If storing a Suitcase or Duffel Bag, please write your Name and Phone Number on your Suitcase Tag. If you do not have one, we would be happy to provide you with a UPS Luggage Tag. Finally, write your name and phone number on piece of paper and place it inside the suitcase or bag. 
    We encourage this practice so that in the unlikely event your item is misplaced, your belongings will be easily identifiable and we can promptly return the item to where it belongs with the rest of your belongings!

  • Completely fill all spaces in the box to avoid possibility of damage. This can be done with paper, airpack, bubble wrap, etc. Packing supplies are available for purchase at any of our store locations or On-Campus stations.
  • Keep Track of What's In Which Box. This can help you when deciding insurance value of your storage. Maximum insurance per box/item is $1,000 and $2,500 for the entire storage contract.

    • Make a List of the contents you pack in each box
    • Then, Mark your Boxes accordingly; 1/4... 2/4... 3/4... 4/4.

  • Remember Overweight Fees. An automatic surcharge will be applied to any item weighing over 60.00 lbs.
    If you can't lift it easily, we can’t either. But keeping this in mind can save you money.
    HINT: Use smaller boxes for books and heavy items!



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