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Once a registered member of the Premier College Storage program, you will receive complimentary boxes and tape for no charge, which includes Medium, Large, and XL boxes*.

Please visit our ‘Services’ and 'Prices' pages for a full list of available storage items and options.

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*Registered members may receive one (1) free small tape/per every four (4) boxes obtained for storage purposes. Members are eligible to receive free tape upon receipt of their first box. There is no restriction on how many boxes or tape a registered member may receive.
*All complimentary boxes and tape, conditionally gifted to registered Premier College Storage (“PCS”) members and supplied at zero cost, carry the presumption that such boxes will be used for the sole purpose of fulfilling pending storage contract(s) under a PCS storage program. Cost for box(es) and tape is waived when a registered member purchases a storage package. Unused boxes and tape may be returned at any time during Vanderbilt University’s move-out season for no charge. Complimentary boxes and tape neither returned nor used for storage will be appropriately charged to the registered member at the conclusion of move-out operations. Damaged or destroyed boxes attempting to be returned may be refused at the discretion of PCS.
*When used for shipping, instead of storage, box cost is added to final shipment calculation. Cost of tape is waived.

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